About us

Cheap sausages, that's how I would like to sum up the philosophy Artisvin has on Wine.
Let me explain.
Extra value supermarket sausages are a horror, all that pasty gunk in a synthetic tube. We all know what goes in there, but we wouldn't want to force ourselves to think about it. Well, cheap wine is exactly the same as cheap sausages, filled with who knows what, and with more chemicals than Brighton on a Saturday night. 
Every wine that comes into our shop is put through a vigorous procedure of quality control and comparision with competitors to ensure we can offer the best wine at the best price.
On average, we only stock about 5% of the wine that we taste. We don't and can't do cheap nasty sausage wine, the supermarkets control that market. We can offer great value wine! Even in our low end, the supermarkets can't even get close to us on quality.
We like to make sure that all our wine comes from real vineyards and real grapes, not from some chemical concentrate, concocted in a nuclear reactor from something that at one point in its life resembled a grape, bottled and sold for £4.99.
So you see, its all about cheap sausages. You wouldn't want to give them to your children! So why give your friends a glass of nasty?
To top it off, we don't even want you to spend more, no.
Drink less, but drink better. Everyone is a winner (except the supermarkets, but they can afford it).
Artisvin Ltd
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